Arabic 101

Knowing how to speak the basics is a great help when travelling around Morocco. Just by knowing a few words of phrases, barriers are broken down, people respond to you in a different way and it can also help with navigating travel and shopping.

In our Moroccan Arabic 101 class, you will be partnered with a friendly local, who (don’t be surprised) will most likely be able to speak English, Spanish, French, Moroccan Arabic (Darija), and Traditional Arabic! Crazy, I know! Over coffee in a quiet cafe, for 1 and half hours you will learn to speak the basic words and phrases helpful for travel in Morocco!

You will learn some useful numbers to help you bargain and shop, how to order food and drink, how to ask for help as well as words of compliments (these always impress!).

You will be provided with a phrase sheet with plenty of spare room for you to ask your “tutor” any other words or phrases you would like to learn.

Our lessons are meant to be fun and light-hearted. Your tutor will most likely ask to learn a few sentences in English in return too! Its a great language exchange opportunity and way to make local friends.

Price: 15 euro
Time: available on request.