Frequently Asked Questions

Do I get to personally meet Renay?

You are more than welcome to meet Renay in Chefchaouen if she is available and not out taking clients on tours, out hiking or visiting friends and family back home in Australia. Renay would love to meet you in Chefchaouen, to discuss any of the packages, activities or bookings on offer. For activity bookings, Renay offers to introduce you to your guide or show you the way to any restaurants or shops so you will get the chance to meet her then.

Can I get advice and recommendations for other places in Morocco and not just Chefchaouen?

Of course! We have guides and friends all across Morocco who are in the know as well as personally having travelled all over Morocco! We would be more than happy to help you with recommendations in other places.

Do I need to book the activities and services in advance?

We understand when travelling there is a great need for flexibility. Some of you may not even know where you will be tomorrow let alone in a week or a few months time. Others however like to be organised and have everything planned out and booked months ahead. We accept bookings on the day or for weeks ahead, it doesn't matter. We do our best to cater for same day bookings but know you run the risk of our preferred guides, tours or services not being available.

Can we just use The Chaouen Insider to book a single activity or service?

Yes of course! We are here to make life easier for you and take the stress out of your travels. Use the online booking form and we'll have you booked ready to go in no time!

I want to do an activity/tour that is not listed.

Never fear! There are so many things to do in Chefchaouen (& Morocco) it is near impossible for us to list them all. Complete the online inquiry form and you will be surprised, we probably have details on your desired activity on hand. If not, it's our job to find out!

Is every itinerary package really customised?

Of course. We work to deliver an itinerary that you want and are happy with. We provide recommendations on activities specifically tailored to your interests, fitness levels and requirements. Initially you will be asked to tell us a little bit about yourself, the type of travel you're in to, your budget (so we know not to suggest a backpackers when you really want a luxury Riad) and what your Moroccan bucket list items are. We then get to and tailor make your itinerary package.

But I love planning my own holiday. Why should I use The Chaouen Insider?

We totally understand that. Holiday planning is our favourite part too (hence we're in this business). Dreaming up possibilities, scrolling through social media for destination hot spots... We get it, it's really exciting and fun! However, there are a few reasons why you should still use our services even if you're planning your Moroccan adventure yourself:

1) Have you ever done a web search to find a tour and end up overwhelmed with hundreds of responses offering the exact same thing at varying prices? Which one do you choose? How do you know thats the best option for you? We can vouch for our guides, the value for money and the service. We can cut through all the recommendations to give you the right one!

2) We will save you time and frustration! Get back to scrolling through instagram looking for those perfect destination photo spots, while we make the booking happen. It's often hard dealing with someone who speaks another language, so forget that hassel and we'll do it for you!

3) You don't know what you don't know. While google is a great source of knowledge - realise there are things on offer that don't come up in the top things to do in Morocco? Want to experience genuine Moroccoan hospitality in a small village up in the mountains? How about going to a very passionate local football game with a local? You may struggle to make this happen when you don't have the local connections to these people. But don't worry, we do! Let us give you more options than you thought possible for great local Moroccan experiences.

How can I trust your recommendations?

Good question! Our recommendations come from expats and locals living on the ground in Morocco so you can be assured you won't miss out on the best things to do in the area. We work off the premise here that if we wouldn't want to do that activity, stay at that hotel, eat at that restaurant or pay for that service than we are not going to recommend that someonelse does.

What if I only want The Chaouen Insider to plan one part of my trip?

That is fine. We are here for you no matter what you are after. You may just want us for our laundry service and that is totally ok! If what you want doesn't fit into our packages or activites, complete the online inquiry form and we will be in touch as soon as possible.

What if I'm travelling with a group/ children/ disabled/ elderly/ insert any other circumstance here?

No problem at all! Not everyone is a solo traveller! We can accommodate anyone and any group. We can offer discount rates for groups 4 or more. We also can suggest kid friendly places to stay and activites. We want everyone to enjoy their time in Morocco no matter what their circumstance.

Do you offer your activities and services in other languages?

Yes! Unlike Renay who can only speak english and a little bit of Spanish, Japanese and Moroccan Arabic, most of our guides can speak fluent Spanish, French, Moroccan Arabic, Classical Arabic and some can even speak Japanese and Chinese! Pretty amazing! Just let us know when booking what your preferred language is and we'll do our best to assist.

How does payment work?

Once you have chosen your desired package, activity or service(s) and completed the online booking form, The Chaouen Insider will be in touch to confirm your booking. You then have the option of paying via paypal, bank transfer (if you have an Australian or New Zealand bank account) or cash (Euro, US$ or Moroccan Dirhams). For tours and services booked on the day you will need to pay in cash. If booking an Itinerary Package you will need to pay via PayPal or bank transfer.

Do you book flights?

No we don't book flights. We can suggest airlines that fly in and out of Morocco and also travel search engines that may be able to assist you.

Do you pay for the accommodation bookings, activities and services upon booking?

In Morocco most hotels, guides, restaruants and drivers accept cash only. So bear this in mind when travelling but don't stress, ATMs are readily available. As part of our Itinerary Packages, while we can make reservations for you if needed, we do not make any of the payments. This is to be looked after by you.

How does tipping work in Morocco?

It is customary to tip in Morocco. It is a lovely gesture of showing your appreciation to someone when they have provided you a great service. Our prices on our activites and services do not include tips. Tipping is extra and will be at your discretion.

Do you offer insurance?

No... It is your responsibility to take out travel insurance before you leave your home country. I cannot stress this enough. While no one sets out to get injured or for an unfortuante event to happen, it is strongly suggested that all clients have current travel insurance.

Will my holiday and experiences be hassle free?

That is the plan! As a travel concierge service we are in the business of putting travellers in touch with local services and tours. While we do our absolute best to only partner with the best guides and offer the best activities, it is important to remember that the level of service you receive once we have booked you on the tour, is out of our control. Although this is an Australian business, we are operating in a third world country where standards may be less than what you are accustomed to at home.

How can I partner with The Chaouen Insider?

Lets chat! Please contact us through our online inquiry form.