Food, Glorious Food!


Dawn, Doors & Donuts Breakfast Tour

The early bird gets the worm... or blue doors, donuts & cats if you're in Chefchaouen! This morning breakfast experience will show you the quieter, bluer side of Chaouen entwined with sampling some of the most delicious local breakfast street food Chaouen has to offer. So before the town awakes, we'll wander the empty streets capturing those stunning blue doors and streets. The perfect time to pose for photos while nobody is around except for about a thousands cats!

Our main focus is food though so we'll grab a selection of morrocan breakfast foods, like a local from little street windows only open early in the morning. We will then stop for a much needed coffee in a small cafe hidden just outside the medina where you can sit on the street watching local life go by. After recharging with coffee we'll continue seeing a bit more of the sights, stop by a neighbourhood oven to take a peak at what's baking before we grab a fresh orange juice at Haoulta Square.

Depending on what's available on the day, we'll try hot freshly cooked fataya (crepes), sfenj (donuts), harcha (semolina bread), baghrir (thousand whole crepes), pastries or if you're feeling a little naughty freshly baked cake! This experience is all about being flexible as you just never know what shops are open or closed on any given day. I can assure you good coffee & food though.

Price: 220dh per person
Time: 0830 hours


What do you want for dinner?

The phrase everyone loves to hate! It almost becomes harder to answer when you’re travelling as you’re unfamiliar with the restaurants and cafes around you, you don’t want to get sick or you are getting a bit tired of eating the same meal over and over again (tagines…. am I right?!)

Let me take the stress out of deciding where to eat. Living in Chefchaouen, trust me when I say I know all the good restaurants, the best coffee, local delicacies and cheap eats! I will direct you where to go, can introduce you to the friendly waitstaff and recommend the best dishes on the menu (& the secret ones that aren’t).

As a traveler also, I understand the real fear of not wanting to get sick, so whilst I can’t take away the whole risk for you, you can be assured that the places I eat at and recommend, are above standard! If you are vegetarian or have other dietary requirements I can also recommend places that cater to you.

In Chaouen I love getting outside of the old medina to discover great little local eateries that are far away from the touristy restaurants. These are the places that serve more than just tagine and couscous and where you can find huge fresh meals for under 3 euros. I am more than happy to share these insider places with you.

Book now and I will work with you and to your budget to show you the best places to go for breakfast, lunch, dinner and more importantly dessert during your stay in Chaouen! I can also reserve you the best seat in the house at certain restaurants to ensure you have the best view of Chefchaouen while you’re enjoying your meal!

Price: 15 euros (includes recommendations, reservations and suggestions for restaurants in Chaouen and across Morocco)
Time: any time!


Want to impress your friends when you return home with a delicious three course Moroccan feast?! Learn from the best chefs at a top family run restaurant in one of our traditional Moroccan cooking classes.

After meeting your chef and agreeing on the dishes you would like to cook, you will embark on a trip to the local souk (market) where you will select the freshest meat and produce for your dishes. Returning to the restaurant, you will then spend the next few hours learning to cook in a fully functioning restaurant kitchen. Be prepared they may even put you to work if you’re good!

You will then get a feast for lunch as you tuck into the dishes you have cooked. I promise, there will be more food than you can handle!

Price: 35 euro (including market); 20 euro (restaurant only)
Time: 1030am