Morning Market

Monday and Thursday is souk day in Chefchaouen. The highlight of the week for locals! On the outskirts of the old medina, the Jebeli (mountain) ladies line the streets, wearing their traditional clothing and selling their delicious fresh produce. It’s a colourful sight to see!

On our Market Tour, we will take a walk through these streets, taking in the sounds, sights and chaos before making our way down into the new town where the main souk is. There’s second hand clothing, bric a brac, fruit and vegetables, produce, anything you name it! You can grab some real good bargains here, especial vintage leather goods. We will help you communicate and barter with the sellers to ensure you are buying items for the right price.

Shopping, walking and bartering makes you hungry so we will stop for a quick bite to eat for lunch and try the souk specialty - a hot fries/chips sandwich, washed down with a sweet traditional lemonade. You will get a real taste of local daily life in Chefchaouen on our tour!

We will then make our way through the fruit and vegetable souk before making our way back up to the old medina via the fish market.

Price: 25 euro
Time: 1030am Mondays & Thursdays only
Duration: Approx 2 hours
Level of Fitness: This tour involves walking up and down hills for 2 hours with little opportunity to sit down & rest.
What to Bring: Comfortable walking shoes, water bottle and a hat & sunscreen in summer.