Retail Therapy


Chaouen Shopper

120 MINUTES 30 euro

How would you like your own personal shop assistant in Chefchaouen? Meet with me (Renay) over a coffee, tell me what you are wanting to buy and over the next 2 hours I will take you to the best shops to get the best price and top quality products.

I know all the shops in Chefchaouen so if it’s a leather handbag, leather ottoman/pouffe, clothing, jewellery or local handicrafts you’re after - I know a place! If you want to design your own wallet, handbag, shoes or camera case and get it custom made, this is all possible too.

I don’t work off commissions with shops in Chefchaouen so you can be guaranteed I will not lead you to any specific shops or pressure you into buying. I am here to lead you to the best deals and I want you to be happy with your purchases! While I leave you to do the bargaining with the friendly shop keepers, I will happily tell you an average price range for the item you are looking for. I’m all about a good bargain!!


Rugs ‘R’ Us

120 MINUTES 30 euro

Looking for the perfect Moroccan rug, carpet or blanket to take home? On our Rugs R Us tour, I will take you to the best quality Berber rug Co-operatives in Chefchaouen. Here we can sip on a hot mint tea while searching through thousands of rugs to find you that perfect one!

Watch how the rugs are made using traditional looms, dress up in traditional clothing and take all the photos you want in these beautiful shops.

This is a friendly shopping experience, the workers will not pressure you into buying anything and are more than just happy to show off their beautiful products on offer. Need time to think about your purchase - no problems! You will be welcomed back to the shops any time on your own.

Don’t have room in your suitcase for a rug? All the co-operatives offer shipping or will gladly pack your carpet down small and give you a carry bag to take as carry-on.


For reservations or information:

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