We’ve loved helping people from all over the world make the most of their time in Chefchaouen and Morocco. It’s been so fun to work with all our travellers and plan their activities and trips. Here are a few of their comments about their experience with The Chaouen Insider…

‘A great experience! It wasn’t one of those ‘staged’ photo shoots, more like walking around with a friend, talking about the area and history, while taking candid snaps. It was very relaxed and exactly what we wanted with our baby and toddler. Renay was really knowledgable about the town and gave us great dining and walking tips that extended beyond the experience. Beautiful pictures delivered the same day. Highly recommended!’

Rachel & Steff and family (@ourtravelspot), Melbourne, Australia. October 2019



‘Renay went above and beyond for us! We only had a limited time in the city and she really gave us a loaded experience! We got to do some activities that only locals would be able to do. We were sad when our time had come to an end as we enjoyed spending it with her... Thank you for everything and making our experience truly wonderful!’

Daniel & Argie, Virginia, USA, Photo Walk, October 2019

‘Renay is a reall good guider and professional photographer. She knows very well about this place and has a lot of stories to share with us. Her kindness and passion and thoughful arrangement gave me a memorable happy ending in Morocco. I highly recommend this experience with her’.

Sophia, Beijing, China. September 2019. Chaouen Tell: Photo tour.


IMG_20190920_080946_396-01 (1).jpeg

‘This was an awesome experience, was much better than I was expecting. Renay had everything organised & taken care of, such a great guide. I highly recommend!’

Laicy, Portland, USA. September 2019. Gods Bridge Gorge Adventure

‘Renay is really lovely and super flexible, helping you create your personal experience that is special and unique. She met me early to help me rent a kaftan for the photos, and hten walked me to specific spots I requested to get my perfect pictures. She spent extra time helping me change outfits and go to different locations. She really does go above and beyond! Plus, she took pictures on her phone, my phone and her camera - so I got so many great shots! She also gives some tips for shopping and restaurants around, which is greate if you’re only staying in the city a short time.’

Eliza, Frederiksberg, Denmark. September 2019. Chaouen Tell: Photoshoot.



‘Renay has a great outlook on life! She made out trip to this beautiful city special! She was accommodating, genuine, informative and had a super positive attitude! Renay took pretty unique pictures of spots we wouldn’t be able to find on our own! Renay knew the locals and they seemed to appreciate her presence on the streets! She even helped us figure out our transportation to Fes! Keep up the good work Renay! Hope you continue to show travellers how wonderful Chefchaouen is! Highly recommend!

’Nara & Brian, Boston, USA. September 2019

Renay was such a sweetheart to us. My camera lens had a huge crack and she was kind enought to bring her camera on such a short notice. She took such amazing pictures of us, it was so worth it. She was such an amazing guide to us and also answered all my queries regarding the country. She is such a sweet person. We even had a late lunch together, whilst talking about our different cultures. Would definitely recommend.

Shivani & Trupti, Mumba, India, Chaouen Tell: Photoshoot, August 2019



彼女のカメラとアイフォンの2つで撮影をしてもらいました! 後日送ってくれるそうです(*˙˘˙*) 有名な場所はもちろんのこと、ローカルな場所や、観光客があまりいない時間帯、場所を知っていて、全てを任せられました。 日本語も少し知っているので、安心出来ました。 とても楽しい時間でした!

Yuuko, Tokyo, Japan. For The Gram Photo Tour, August 2018

Renay is so wonderful! She knows all the classic photo spots as well as some hidden ones. She makes you feel at ease and takes beautiful pictures. She was very quick to get the photos back to me as I was eager to see them. I really connected to her story of being an ex-pat and moving to chefchaouen and it was great to see the city from her eyes. As a female traveling alone I’m so happy I have all these amazing pictures and memories to take home with me. ⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️

Maya, United States of America, Chaouen Tell: Photoshoot; August 2019



I wholeheartedly recommend doing a tour with Renay. She knows Chefchaouen inside and out and it seems like everyone in Chefchaouen knows her, giving a more personal and local feel to the tour. Not only that, she went above and beyond by helping me with my engagement. My fiancée and I will remember our special day forever because of Renay.

John & Jasmine, United States of America, Best of Chaouen private tour, August 2019.


Thank you so much for this experience. I will have memories that I can share for a lifetime. You are so helpful and took absolutely beautiful pictures and I'm glad that you were the one who was my tour guide thank you. Definitely highly recommended.

Tyshima, United States of America, Chaouen Tell: Photo shoot & Medina Walk, August 2018

If the only person you meet during this lovely lunch is Renay you've done extremely well, if you happen to meet some other charming folk you'll be extra pleased! The restaurant was pleasant, the food tasty and the company delightful.. You would be hard pressed to find a nicer way to spend a couple of hours.

Fiona, Adelaide, Australia, Friday Family Couscous, August 2019



“Renay is very professional, she knows her way and can help you capture the most beautiful aspects of yourself... She will show you all the known and hidden spots but what makes her so unique is her interaction with the community, and how she bridges the gap of misunderstanding or miscommunication... She takes you deeper into Chefchaouen where u get to see other beautiful aspect of not just the blue jewel but the community, heart, and soul of the town which then is imminent in your smile... It is a wonderful experience... Renay Dina, lol, u are amazon and what u do is so beautiful... To be able to capture a person story so beautifully is truly a creative gift that so many people need... I am so grateful I got to met a beautiful soul as yourself... Stay the beautiful light that u are, because that's why your beautiful...”

Tasha, Pensylvannia, United States of America. July 2019.

“Renay is the ONLY way to do Chefchaouen! She is so kind and made us feel like friends from the minute we met. The hike to God's Bridge was spectacular and beautiful, and we simply would not have known where to go without her. She catered this experience to what we wanted to do. As we were walking through the streets of Chefchaouen with her, we met all of her friends which made us feel like locals. We even bumped into Renay the next day and she greeted us with hugs. This is an experience I will remember for the rest of my life.”

Molly, Texas, United States of America. July 2019



“I cannot stress enough how AMAZING Renay is!!! She is so compassionate and fun, I didn’t want the adventure to end! We hiked through Akchour and swam underneath God’s Bridge which was incredible, and then after we returned to Chefchaouen, she took us up to the Spanish Mosque to catch the BEST view of the city to watch a beautiful sunset. This was one of the best tours I have ever been on, but also one that will forever be cherished and I will always remember!”

Alli, NewYork, United States of America. July 2019

‘What a wonderful day spent with Renay. We only ahd 2 days in Chefchaouen and Renay made it so easy for us to get the most out of our short time. My husband and I were so thrilled that our 3 children, age 10, 12 and 13 had such a fun time. Delicious food, a well thought through and planned day and charming engagement with our children. I would highly recommend a day spent with Renay. She went well out of her way to help us with other questions we had and organising our transport. A huge 5 stars! Thank you.’

Cunniff Family, United Kingdom. July 2019



‘Renay was fabulous! She is very easy to talk to, showed me beautiful places I probably could not have found on my own, and I was invited to share tea with her friends. You must book her while here! Thank you Renay.’

Nancy, San Diago, United States of America. July 2019

‘Renays experience was the perfect way for us to get to know and explore Chefchaouen. She knew all the best places to see, knew the locals, really took her time and seemed to really enjoy what she did. Would highly recommend as the Medina & others in Morocco can be fairly disorienting so someone like Renay who gave us hints and tips for the city was ideal. Fabulous pictures with a real sense of what worked and what didnt in each setting.’

Stephen & Rhinannon, London, United Kingdom. July 2019



‘The photoshoot with Renay was AMAZING! I had a chance to see Chefchaouen while getting some awesome photos. She was friendly and knew everyone! She also shared with me some places I could visit or go for meals. I would definitely recommend this trip for anyone in the City!’

Joy, Dubai, UAE. July 2019


‘Renay was absolutely amazing. We couldn’t have asked for a better guide or experience. Her attitude and demeanor were fantastic and made us feel very welcomed. She knew her way around local customs and culture, and was very flexible and accommodating. We wish we could have met her at the begining of our trip instead of the end. Can not recommen her more highly.’

Marcia, Marissa & Sydney, United States of America. June 2019

‘Renay was amazing! She went above and beyond to make my experience incredible. She introduced me to people, took beautiful photos, took me to the best places and made me feel at home. I felt like I was meeting a long lost friend. Thiere is no way my experience in Morocco would have been as memorable if I hadn’t found her.’

Tammy, United States of America. July 2019



‘Renay is a wonderful guide and companion. She took my mom (61 years old) on a tour and a hike when she was travelling by herself in Morocco. Renay has a real lovel and respect for the peopel and culture of Chaouen. She is kind and generous and made my mom feel special and taken care of. Thank you Renay from the both of us!’

Anna, United States of America, June 2019

‘Renay was so amazing we still can’t stop talking about her !!!! We would never have been able to find the waterfarlls and do the hike without her even though we are experienced with the outdoors and hikes …she was a total asset andw as extremely personable and kind. For the cost she is more than worth it and we wished we could have paid her double as she was unbelievable. She made us feel so safe and as if we have known her for our whole lives - you should 100% book with her as you will have the most first class experience. She offered to take our photos when we were in the falls and answered so many of our questions - she recommended the best Hammam and cafes and just was an overall breath of fresh air! THANK YOU :) we will always recommend you and will forever look back on this time together and smile.’

Victoria & John, Newfoundland, Canada. May 2019
Akchour Adventure



‘I would highly recommend this tour to everyone. Renay is absolutely lovely, she makes you feel like you´ve been friends before. Her knowledge about the town and friendships with the loals makes the tour so special.’

Wardah, Cape Town, South Africa. June 2019

‘This is a must see experience. Unlike a lot of the tourist drawn to Chefchaouen, I didnt want an impromtu photo shoot against the city´s blue walls. I wanted to exprience and shoot the city´s cultural and get a taste of life in Chefchaouen. Renay delivered that and more. It was truly an enchanting experience to explore Chefchaouen with her.’

Dena, New York, United States of America. May 2019


Thank you so much for providing laundry service and giving great advice!
Emily, California, United States of America, July 2019

Renay is a knowledgeable host and took us to the places locals go which gives a more immersive feel To your trip. We had a fab time and were definitely full afterwards. We also got some beautiful and fun photos! We had a great time on the tour, tried some new Moroccan snacks that we hadn’t seen yet and saw some great little corners of the Medina.

Liam & Kate, Brisbane, Australia, Dawn Doors & Donuts tour, July 2019



‘Me and my sister did this trek on our first night in Chaouen and I´m so glad we did. Renay showed us some stunning spots, took amazing pictures for us, and gave us a fascinating insight into the place. She really made us feel at east in Chefchaouen. Renay is a lovely women and I´m so glad we met! The experience is unforgettable.’

Grace & Georgia, London, United Kingdom. June 2019.

We travelled through Morocco for over a week and both thought that our Hike through Chefchaouen was one of our favourite things on the trip. Renay is very knowledgeable about Chefchaouen and really good fun ! She was very flexible on times & incredibly helpful for recommendations and arranging car for the next part of our trip!
Sanne & Alex, United Kingdom. June 2019


We had a wonderful time at Friday couscous with Renay! She was incredibly welcoming and friendly, and we really appreciated having a local guide introduce us to the local dishes. Beyond good conversation she gave great advice on things to see and do in the area. Highly recommend if you’re in Chefchaouen on a Friday afternoon!

Drew, United States of America. June 2019


Thanks to Renay, we had a great rug hunting experience. We started with zero knowledge about rugs and the big rug places seemed dark and intimidating, but thanks to Renay we were able to go in and look at rugs in a relaxed mood. Renay encouraged us in our negotiations to get the best price possible (but also to not feel bad if we ended up not buying) and made the experience truly an enjoyable one. “The one” was unfortunately way out of my price range, but if I find another one I like as much, I think I will now be able to haggle for it with confidence. Renay was also quick to respond to questions before and after booking the experience, making travel planning just a bit less stressful.

Aya, Tokyo, Japan. May 2019

‘Renay joined our group of four as a guide, but by the end of the day it just felt like I was hanging out with four of my good friends. She was knowledgeable about the culture and the uniqueness of Chaouen and catered to our individual interests and needs as a whole. She also recommended great restaurants and little shops to browse. I travel a good amount and our day spent with Renay in Chaouen will definitely leave a lasting impression.’

Elizabeth, Victoria, Kristie & Taylor. New York, USA. April 2019



“Renay is what made our trip in Morocco. She came and collected us from our Riad and so began the best day. Renay took us to all the local restaurants, showed us the best things to eat and drink and introduced us to the locals. She showed us all the best places in chefchaouen, took us to a local hammam, on a lovely hike to watch the sunset and then to dinner in her friends beautiful rug store. Local people were always stopping to talk to Renay and us and this made it very special as I felt like we got to learn more about Chefchaouen than just seeing the Blue City. Renay is also very easy to talk to and is full of interesting stories and facts about Morocco. Thanks Renay!”

Katie & Laura - London, UK, May 2018

‘She is amazing! The guide that I needed! She will help and show you everything! Positive energy, smile, smart, polite! Super recommend!!!’

George, Greece. Airbnb Experience: For The ‘Gram, April 2019



Cette expérience était super, renay nous a donner des photos magnifiques et nous a montré des endroits que l'on aurait jamais pu trouver seuls. Elle nous a aussi aider pour le choix de restaurants et magasins et connaît très bien la médina. Tout était super !

Remi & Cecile, Corsia, France. Airbnb Experience: For The ‘Gram. April 2019

“Renay helped us plan our itinerary recommending how long to spend in cities based on our interests and how to get easily/cheaply from place to place. She also gave us great recommendations on riads and restaurants (especially in Chefchaouen). Without Renay's help, we wouldn't have had the same amazing experience in Morocco!”

Margaret & John - Vancouver, Canada. November 2018



“I connected with Renay via Instagram by someone who swore she was the person to know and consult with about all things Chefchaouen. I was planning a trip to Morocco and specifically a stop in the blue town in the mountains, so sent her a DM with questions. She very graciously answered my questions and really went above and beyond to offer suggestions and guidance. She was quite welcoming when I mentioned I would love to meet up upon arrival if she was in town. As soon as I landed in Chef, I sent her a quick note and within an hour we connected in person and we were off to watch a gorgeous sunset from a hilltop view. Her first of many inside scoop suggestions. Throughout the couple of days we were there, she helped us to navigate the Medina, shared best practices, the places to best shop, haggling rules of thumb, amazing places to eat, helped us to find the best photo op spots (the ones you see all over IG) and even helped us take the photos. A skill I suggest you take her up on as she has a great eye. The Medina is small but knowing the right spots is very valuable and that she does. She is clearly loved by the locals and business owners and that hospitality is extended to you as well as a result. I wish I had more time as she is keenly aware of the good hiking spots as well as other regional gems. I would highly recommend making Renay an important part of your trip planning process and on the spot concierge contact. She is a gem hidden in the blue pearl that you need. She made our stay so special.”

Sheri & Suzanne - Toronto, Canada. October 2018

‘Renay was the most perfect host we could have found in Chefchaouen. First of all, the beauty of the city and the calm found in relation to the hustle and bustle of the big cities made us very happy. Then Renay took us under her wing and showed us the best places in the city, great tips, activities that suits us, in this relaxed and funny atmosphere. We had wonderful moments down there, maybe the best of all our roadtrip in Morocco’.

Vincent & Julie. Belgium, August 2018



A family friend had given me Renay’s details for when we got to Chefchaouen, it was literally so last minute when I contacted Renay as we arrive early in the morning. We had no idea how much she would make our experience of Chefchaouen!!! From introducing us to her local friends, taking us to the must-see spots and showing us all the most beautiful streets, which is basically all of them because that city is breathtaking! We were a group of five girls in our early 20s, and Renay fit right in with us. She was friendly and open; she took as to her favourite restaurants and pastry shops, and shared her travel experiences and why she fell in love with Chefchaouen. Girls from our hostel also joined us the second day and Renay made them feel welcome as well. Renay made it such a personalised experience of Chefchaon that we will never forget!

Kati, Brisbane, Australia, Best of Chaouen Tour, July 2018

“Renay gave us a great list of recommended riads, cafes and restaurants in the Marrakech medina that would be suitable to take our 8 month old daughter. The recommendations were fantastic! Delicious food, friendly staff and clean facilities; it made exploring the medina with our daughter a lot easier. We were also on the hunt for a rug and Renay recommended a wonderful shop to go to in Marrakech where we got our perfect rug for a great price. We would definitely use Renays’ services again!”

Rhys & Amy - London, UK. April 2018



“We had done a fair bit of research into the places we wanted to visit in Morocco but were unsure on how to make the travel between the places work. Renay put us in contact with a great local guide who we ended up doing a 4 day tour with from Fes to the Sahara, across to Todra Gorge, Ait Benhaddou and finishing in Marrakech. It was amazing and tailored to all the places we were wanting to see & some we didn't even know existed. It made our Morocco trip so much easier! In Chefchaouen, Renay booked us in to some of the best restaurants with hidden terraces overlooking the medina and took us on a tour of the local market which was great!”

Jared, Eleri & Lyn - Gold Coast, Australia. June 2018

‘We had a fantastic time with Renay in Chefchaouen. There’s nothing like the personal touch to make a city memorable! Renay looked after us with beautiful breakfasts showcasing local produce… something out of the ordinary. She also took us to several local hang-outs and eating places that you probable wouldn’t know about otherwise. We also got the low-down on how to shop and what to shop for. We would highly recommend Renay as a travel concierge pretty much anywhere as she seems to befriend the locals and be welcomed by them quickly wherever she goes.’

Scott & Trish. Gold Coast, Australia. June 2018