Insider Travel Skills

Insider Tips

60 minutes
12 euros

Travelling and backpacking in Morocco is fun, hectic and certainly an adventure! There are so many strange sights, smells and faces and at times the language barrier can prove quite a hurdle! Whilst it is quite a safe and popular country to travel to, travelling on your own can bring with it many challenges, especially if this is your first big overseas trip or first time as a solo traveller.

Join me for coffee and cake or for a stroll through the medina, and over an hour I can equip you with all the insider tips on how to navigate the streets, public transport, where to get shared taxis from, tips when bartering or dealing with people when harrassed and provide an understanding of Moroccan culture and customs. I’ll let you in on tips of what to watch out for and what tourists do wrong when travelling across Morocco so you won’t fall in to that same trap.

I am more than willing to walk you around the streets (day or night) to help you get familiar with Chefchaouen.

As a solo traveller who has travelled extensively around Morocco (and all over the world), I will do my best to give you all my knowledge so that you are well equipped with the street smarts to navigate Morocco safely.